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The Studio


Studio Satya began as a small studio in Mary’s backyard. The studio was originally built so that Mary could explore the things she was most passionate about, such as in-depth Sanskrit series and specialized workshops. With the dissolution of a few Austin-based yoga studios, it became clear that Studio Satya needed to expand into a larger space and support a much larger community. 

In November of 2019, Studio Satya moved into its first commercial space but shortly after, due to the COVID pandemic, it closed its doors to in-person classes and moved online. It is a testament to the strength of its community that it survived as an online yoga studio with over 17 teachers live streaming from their homes for more than a year! 

Post pandemic two more of Austin's beloved yoga teachers, Hollie Meador and Karlie Lemos, joined forces to create a partnered run studio, and soon after Satya found its new yoga home in June of 2021. 


Our offerings are designed to support the growth and upliftment of our students, whether it be through physical, mental, or intuitive practice. We are committed to fostering a yoga community of inclusivity and acceptance where anyone – regardless of age, race, gender or physical ability – can gather to practice yoga, grow and heal within a supportive community.

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