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Menopause & Marvelous Midlife
with Jeana Huff and Dr. Bethany Kolb, MD
Saturday, November 12th, 1-5:00pm

$100 per student • In-Person or Online


Menopause and midlife. Like most changes, they come with some bad and some good. The tools you have to manage those changes are what will make the difference between a marvelous midlife and years of frustration.


Using modern medical science and ancient yoga traditions – we'll give you information and tools to help you manage the many (and always changing) issues and opportunities of menopause and midlife. We will learn about, and practice tools around:

- mobility

- sleep

- hot flashes

- sex and incontinence

- mood swings and stress

- weight gain


Come prepared with questions (no topic is off limits!), dressed to move and be comfortable, and your mat and meditation cushion is you have one.

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