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Music Heals: A restorative Yoga & Live Music Experience
with Karlie Lemos
Saturday, January 7, 2-4:00pm

In-Person Only • $40

Join Karlie and Nick as they host an opportunity for you to receive deep rest in long-held restorative postures accompanied by the healing vibrations of live music. Karlie will guide you into supported, easeful and restful poses. At the same time, Nick curates a musical experience with both live piano and Bansuri flute including classical pieces, takes on modern music, and improvised music. This will be a unique and lovely sensory experience that will leave you feeling joyful and rested.

Nick has performed in over 25 states and internationally, and leads a busy life in and Around Austin, Texas as father, musician, piano technician, and piano teacher. Classically trained, Litterski studied jazz and master’s level piano pedagogy at UT Austin 2003-5. A first-call jazz pianist, sensitive accompanist, and voracious music reader, Litterski enjoys playing with a large cross-section of musicians from all genres, jazz included, in a music career spanning more than 20 years. He writes and arranges music for his own trio and performs on acoustic pianos and hammond organ, Nord, and Roland instruments.

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