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Satya Book Club: Neurodharma
with Jeana Huff
Tuesdays in April, 7-8:00pm

In-Person (6 spots available) or Online • FREE

There are simple things we can do each day, no matter how insane the world is around us, to establish lasting true happiness inside ourselves. Neurodharma (by Dr Rick Hansen, PhD) explores the neuroscience of awakening, paired with ancient Buddhist meditation practices. It shares seven practices for strengthening the neural circuitry of profound contentment and inner peace—qualities that offer essential support in everyday life. Step by step, this book explains how to apply these insights in order to cultivate unshakable presence of mind, a courageous heart, and serenity in a changing world.  Step-by-step, this book is about becoming as wise and strong—and happy and loving—as every person can be. It’s inspired by the great sages and teachers, while also being very down-to-earth. 


Join Jeana for a community gathering exploring Neurodharma, sure to inspire meaningful conversation and reflection.