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Reflecting on the Past & Preparing for the Future

As 2022 winds down, we can't help but look back and reflect on what a year it has been. The blink of an eye and lifetimes, all at once. As a student recently remarked, entering the studio after not being in person for a while is like not seeing a toddler for a few months; there is visible growth. She was speaking specifically of our plant babies, but there are definitely other elements we've noticed flourishing within our studio walls. Maybe you've noticed it as well.

It's the buzzing of conversation before class, and lingering in the lobby or parking lot after. It's gatherings happening outside of practice. It's genuine caring for the phase of life that fellow students are passing through. It extends beyond the walls, thanks to technology and Zoom, creating lines of connection across the country.

Hopefully, you find time to reflect on all this year contained for you individually and collectively, while equally taking time to consider how you would like to move forward in the year to come. There's no need to rush this process or feel like it has to happen on January 1st. In fact, we have many offerings to help ease into 2023 with strong foundations, ease, clarity, and levity. We hope you can join us in the adventure ahead.

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