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Witnessing the Human Experience

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Grief. It is often an unspoken word. At times, the experience resides in the shadows, known most intimately in the solitary depths of one's heart. In the past, I myself have had no words to describe it, only the resounding ache in my body.

While part of the journey of grief is profoundly personal, it is also a common thread in the tapestry of human experience. One we will all know at some point in life. It is no wonder that across time, poets and musicians have attempted to illuminate the feeling of sadness. Sometimes it has been in the moments that I read a poem or listened to a song that a more subtle layer of experience was unveiled.

Naturally it is a difficult aspect of human experience, and within it we might slowly uncover unexpected gifts. The cultural context that we live in does not always offer the time and space that is necessary in processing grief. And understandably, we might keep ourselves busy or occupied to avoid leaning in.

This is part of why community is important. As a young adult, I witnessed the rituals and gatherings that emerged in the wake of loss. Reflecting back, I now understand the wisdom in singing, crying, cooking, and in simply being within the cradle of community. They nourish our capacity to be in our bodies, where often there is latent wisdom to ride the waves of sadness and loss together.

The stories of loss are important to share as we are able and ready to, and it is equally, if not more, important to feel the somatic stories that live in our bodies as sensation. To listen to and feel the unspoken narratives that reside in our physiology.

Our losses might span the varied range of human experience. The loss of a beloved, of our livelihood, or a relationship. Perhaps it is the longing associated with the changing nature of our bodies as we age. No loss or grief is too small to meet. Integrating these experiences requires energy, and in turn can free up vitality that has otherwise been bound.

In support of this process, I will be offering a two hour workshop on September 19th through Studio Satya. It will be a space for a small group to gather and connect online. We will have time to reflect, share, listen, and to feel what is wanting to be seen and heard. I will be weaving together the practice of meditation, yoga nidra, and the foundational principles of Somatic Experiencing™ to support you in our time together. There is no experience required, just a longing to lean in together.

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