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Pranayama Playground
with Lisa Feder
Saturday, November 26th, 2-4:00pm

$40 per student • In-Person or Online


The average person takes about 22,000 breaths each day. The breath supports and is a driving force behind all of the basic processes within our body, and is the building block of well-being.

The breath is regulated by the autonomic nervous system, so it happens without our even thinking about it. The breath is essential to life. Breath is life. And, just like we have challenges in life, we often have challenges with our breath-wit the act of breathing itself. We experience stress and we hold our breath, often when we are holding our emotions of reactions in the body, and keeping ourselves out of the present moment.


A breath practice can return us to the present moment, time and time again. A breath can connect the mind and body and support a feeling of overall well-being and wholeness. Full, deep breathing has many health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, releasing endorphins and promoting better sleep. And of course, the breath is a vital aspect of all of our Yoga and mindfulness practices.


In this experiential workshop, we'll learn some basic facts about the breath and how it can support optimal health, enhance focus and clarity, and bring balance into our lives. We'll learn a variety of breath practices (pranayama) that students will be able to take with them into their lives and use on a daily basis.

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