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Processing Grief & Reclaiming Vitality
with Sheila Singh
$40 per student • In-Person Only • Limited to 8 students
Saturday, April 23rd, 2-4:30pm


One of my teachers recently shared, "You were created to be seen, not to be shadowed".


It is in this spirit that we will come together as a community and open to the untold stories of grief in our bodies. There will be space for quiet reflection, as well as an opportunity to share with and listen to others. In moments of seeing and being seen, sometimes a weight can be lifted even if briefly. In that space, we may catch a glimpse of something different or new.


Our time will begin with arriving and establishing the container of community. I will offer orientation around resourcing, the stages of grief that we may encounter, and feeling where and how grief may reside in our body. Grief is not something to overcome, it is an essential part of our human existence that we can learn to slowly befriend as we are ready. I will be weaving together principles of iRest® yoga nidra and Somatic Experiencing™ for our time together. Practice will include short meditations, brief movement, a longer iRest yoga nidra, and reflections to close. This will be limited to eight participants.