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Connecting Lines of the Foot, Ankle, and Knee

with John Mackey

Saturday, July 20th • 2-4:00pm

In-Person Only • $40

Let's have a playful time of movement while we learn about the lower extremity of the body: it's construction, how it moves, and how to move safely. Once we learn the proper mechanics, we can automatically feel the power of the pose solely from the grounding energy of the foundation.

We will explore:

the uniqueness of our foot and ankle structure

how to modify the foot if necessary (50% of us need this)

how to build ankle stability for balance

how the knee joint moves

how to release knee tightness and relieve knee stress

why strengthening certain hip muscles can help knee alignment

Let's discover the alignment of foot, ankle and knee for our personal structure, so that we experience freedom in standing asana. As we build poses for our particular structure, we can build a muscle memory so that we can “seat” the pose with our eyes closed. Thus we can allow the cues we hear during a yoga class to trigger us to remember our stability and strength.

In the practice session, we will learn knee and foot balancing with ease ( nope, no handstands! ), a myofascial lines freedom practice, and asana for ankle and knee strength.

This will be a feedback workshop, so bring questions or ask to explore special topics (leg length, flat feet, bunions, hammertoes, flex the foot, etc.).

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