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Demystifying Purpose: An Inquiry

with Brynn Kerin

Saturday, April 8th, 2-4:00pm

In-Person Only • $40

A radically different take on purpose. Spoiler alert: I'm not gonna tell you to go out and find yours! In this workshop, we will go deep and unpack the societal baggage that we all too often associate with the word: purpose. We’ll organically open up more freedom, authenticity and curiosity to develop a different relationship with the idea of living a purposeful life.

On this day, we'll explore: 

- The mental and emotional impact of "purpose pressure"

- What stands in my way, stops me, and blocks me from living on purpose?

- Busy-ness, safety, and other distractions from our purpose

- Listening "in" to answer the call to authenticity

- The role that boundaries play in creating a safe container to live a purposeful life

- Open-sharing, and so much more

Whether you've worked on these things hundreds of times or they are new to you, this day will be valuable. In-Person Only

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