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Savoring the Winter Solstice

with Sandi Russom

Saturday, December 16th, 2-4:00pm

In-Person Only • $40

The winter solstice has been a significant occasion for all cultures throughout history. It is the shortest day of the year, when there is more darkness than any other day. However, it is also a turning point when the waning daylight is reversed and the growing daylight begins. It is the birth of budding light during a time of great darkness. This day can be celebrated to savor the main qualities of the winter solstice: darkness and light.

This workshop will center on the intention to honor the darkness and invite the light within all of us. We will honor and investigate the darkness with forward folds and invite the growing light with an exploration of sun salutations. A guided candlelight meditation will take us deep within ourselves to find the presence of the solstice within us: even in the greatest darkness, there is light.

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