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Seasonal Self-Care: Ayurvedic Kitchari & Yoga Practice

with Divya Narahari

Saturday, April 22nd, 4-6:00pm

In-Person Only • $40

“Cooking is an act of self-care, and reminds us that we are worthy of a home-cooked meal.”

Join Divya as she teaches how to cook this simple, balanced, healing meal. In this workshop, we will learn how to incorporate mindful Ayurvedic cooking practices into our daily life, and learn to cook an Ayurvedic meal called Kitchari or kichadi. Kitcharis are used in Ayurveda as a primary way to give the body a warm, soothing, nutritious, easy-to-digest food without sacrificing strength and vitality. It is a mixture of rice, lentils, seasonal vegetables, and culinary spices.

During the workshop, Divya will explain the healing properties of this food and answer questions along the way. As students prepare kitchari together, she will guide them through each step while providing an understanding of the different options available for each Dosha type. While the kitchari continues to simmer, students will indulge in a short yoga sequence that is helpful for digestion along with a mindful meditation chanting practice.

Once the kitchari is ready, everyone will join together for a Kitchari dinner. Registrants will receive a handout including a short shopping list of ingredients, options according to different Doshas, and a full recipe. Ingredients, InstantPots, and utensils will be provided. In-person only.

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