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Yin & Astrology: Heart of Summer

with Hollie Meador

Saturday, August 3rd • 2-4:30pm

In-Person or Online • $45

Sink into the season of Summer with Hollie. Pulling from astrological, taoist, and other ancient philosophies, we will honor the middle of spring through a discussion of the astrological archetypes of this time, reflect on current transits, and finish with a restorative yin yoga practice. 

Although inherently part of our essence, each season contains qualities that can get lost if we don't take time to slow down, reflect, listen, and integrate. Arriving at a state of deep listening, where we can contemplate the nature of what is swirling through the cosmos, oceans, and our own energy, can create and strengthen paths of clarity. When we slow down and nurture the light held deep within, there is potential for more authentic ease and harmony throughout all aspects of our lives. 

We will review how this time of year was examined and translated in ancient times, look at current astrological movements of the stars, and weave it all into a yin practice meant to open further to personal information and insights held within, integrating it all into our cells. During this practice we will not look at individual birth charts, though having some knowledge of yours can be helpful. Those who register will be given resources to create their own, or the offer to have a copy printed prior to our meeting. 

Registration Available for In-Person or Online Attendance

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