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Yoga for Tweens: Foundations Series

with Hollie Meador

Sundays, starting January 29th, 3-4:15pm

In-Person Only • $45

This 3-week series will create or build a foundational knowledge of common yoga poses, geared toward kids ages 9-12. Along with poses, we will cover breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness practices to ease stress and promote calm. All of these practices can be utilized off the mat – at home, school, before a sports event, test, or getting ready for bed. Getting embodied at this time of so much physical, mental, and emotional development can be challenging, but with these gentle practices feeling good is not that far out of reach.

With a small but intimate group, the hope is to create a space where everyone feels safe to ask questions, share their experience, and continue on with the practice of yoga in the future. There is a minimum of 4 students registered for the series to happen, and also a maximum of 8 students total. So, have your kiddo bring a buddy!

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