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Rainbow Bodies

June 5th-9th, 1:30-4:00pm

Ages 7-11 • In-Person Online

Come explore a less-well-known element of our anatomy: the Chakra System. Associated with the endocrine system, and tied closely to our nervous system and emotional experience of ourselves and our environment, the chakras create flow and harmony within our bodies. Running along our spine, these seven energy centers develop throughout our childhood and create our subtle body – the sixth sense of our emotions. The greater understanding we have of when these develop and how to find a balanced flow of energy, the greater chance we have of knowing ourselves more fully and authentically.

During the week, we will explore the characteristics of each chakra through movement, breath work, games, play, and crafts. We will think about what it feels like when energy is moving too slowly or too quickly, and what it’s like to feel balanced. While we each have a unique experience, there are some shared qualities such as feeling “butterflies in your stomach” when nervous or excited felt right in the pit of the stomach where the 3rd chakra spins. You might also feel dizzy or hot or cold, but that physiological response that many people share, in the same space of the body, is remarkable!

We will move through specific yoga poses aimed to help establish calm, centered flow of energy in each chakra, as well as incorporating breathing exercises, affirmations, and meditations that are helpful tools when feeling energetically or emotionally out of balance.


Building Your World

June 26th-30th, 1:30-4:00pm

Ages 7-11 • In-Person

New creations require not only focus and imagination, but also hold the opportunity to build the muscle of mindfulness. Just as we are able to build something with our hands, we can also build the world around us. ​

Using this metaphor, we will explore different aspects of what it means to be mindful, techniques for staying in control of our responses to big emotions, and finding ways to connect to ourselves and others through fun projects and games. Hopefully, each part will be seen as a building block for living a mindful life. ​

We will move our bodies, practice breathing, take time to rest, and – perhaps most importantly – play.


Be Your Own Superhero

July 17th-21st, 1:30-4:00pm

Ages 7-11 • In-Person

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Warrior 3!

During camp this week we will soar into the world of Superheroes, using their strength and courage to reflect the strength and courage that exists within each of us. We will look at myths of brave warriors and well-known heroes' journeys, along with contemporary superheroes of the DC, Marvel, Star Wars, and Pokémon kinds.

But Superheroes are more than beings in fancy suits with otherworldly powers – there are everyday heroes such as doctors and firefighters, teachers, and even kids who choose to act in extraordinary ways. Being a hero can include saving someone’s life, or be as simple as making someone smile. This camp includes storytelling and story creating, practicing power poses, and using yoga to fully embody ideas of bravery, power, and fun.

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