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Adrienne Sharigian

Adrienne started her practice as a teenager, which shifted her relationship to self. Yoga gave Adrienne the allowance and space to not only release the urgency to “fix” anything about her that didn’t fit into expectations of how she was “supposed to be,” but it also invited a curiosity about what she found.


Thus, svadhyaya, or self study, is fundamental to Adrienne’s practice. She recognizes that her teaching practice is born from her personal practice, and loves to integrate asana, nidra, sound meditation, dreamwork, and herbalism. With degrees in Anthropology and Environmental Studies, much of Adrienne’s professional life weaves together body awareness, environmental psychology and youth development. She’s a certified Montessori lead guide, Texas teacher, and loves sharing the practice in her classroom and campus.


A 300 RYT, Adrienne received her yoga teaching certification and yoga nidra facilitator certification from the Amrit Yoga Institute. Adrienne began teaching yoga with the National Park Service, comparing the design philosophy of Frederick Law Olmsted with the 8 limbs of yoga, continued her training with Mindful Schools, and went on to teach yoga for kids as well as adults. She’s taught in Armenia, studied with Taoist monks in China; and in the States, she’s taught in Boston, Seattle, and currently in Austin.

Adrienne Sharigian
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