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Yoga for Kids

Planting seed for the future is often the way we approach our Children's Yoga classes. Learning is not linear, and its evidence is not always immediately visible. Often observation is one child's "yoga" while another does every movement and breath with the group – we believe they are both getting exactly what they need. Basically, it's all good. Getting children familiar with concepts of being embodied, finding confidence in their voice, and gaining tools to help build resilience are goals for each class. This is accomplished through working together in a safe, fun environment where we strive to help each child feel seen, heard, and cared for.​​



Kids After-School Yoga, 4:30-5:30pm

A perfect way to de-stress in a playful way. These classes will have a mix of movement and mindfulness, using playful yoga movements, breathing exercises, and relaxation as a way to re-connect with the body while also releasing stress that may have built up through the day. There will be time for sharing and connecting with the group throughout the class.

Ages 5-11  •  Adult Flow & Roll with Mary at the same time​



Kids Yoga, 1:30-2:30pm

This is a chance to connect socially, be active, and learn breathing techniques & mindfulness exercises that can help with stress and anxiety. We'll incorporate a variety of themes during our time together – sometimes learning Sanskrit names and stories of poses, and sometimes using our imaginations to create and share new poses.

Ages 5-11  •  Adult Hatha Flow with Brynn at the same time

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