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Yoga for Teens

There has always been a need for community, but it seems increasingly important to create and participate in spaces that connect with those in similar stages of life. Sifting through pressures of daily life as a teen and navigating emotions such as anxiety can be difficult, without a good set of tools. The practice of yoga and mindfulness – especially introduced at an early age – can provide a foundation that can last a lifetime. There will be time for movement, sharing, breathing exercises, relaxation, mindfulness practices, and meditation. Information for what we cover in class will be provided to parents to help integrate at home. (Ages 13-18)


Yoga for Teens, 4:15-5:15PM

These classes will be presented as seasonal themes, exploring foundational postures and moving into deeper topics including yoga philosophy, mindfulness practices, breathing exercises, and ways to find rest & relaxation. We have time for discussion, sharing, and listening. Occasionally we will have opportunities for journaling, art, and guided meditations. More than anything, we are building a community where each student gets to know their mind, body, and spirit. We always work to feel strong in our bodies and resilient in our spirits.

Ages 13-18 

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