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Meet the Teachers



My own personal yoga journey began in 2007, and fate brought me to a teacher training early on. I’ve been teaching for over 10 years. My practice has shifted profoundly, multiple times along the way. It went from a purely physical aspect to a more holistic mind/body approach as I delved more into yogic philosophy. After my own birth into motherhood, I experienced extremes of humanity and learned to love things about myself that I never had before. I learned much more about the applications of yoga off the mat, and I shared these lessons with my students, from whom I also learned equally as much.


As my own energetic awareness evolved, I began to incorporate energy work and sound therapy into my practice. Most recently, I have recognized how I can use yoga as a tool for social justice, and the most important work we can do begins on the mat, and from there we can take action to make change in the world. Sometimes, this may be the simplest step of self-care, and sometimes it involves taking action, but our yoga practice can help us discern what matters most. What seems right today may not seem right tomorrow, but we live in a beautiful messy world, where we can make mistakes and practice acknowledging our mistakes. Yoga teaches us to recognize multiple truths and sit with our discomforts.


In my classes, I strive to provide a safe space for students of all races, genders, sexuality, religion, age, ability, and body type, a space where students can sit with their own lightness and darkness, and a space to practice self-forgiveness, self-compassion, and self-love for their true nature.


My teaching styles include yin, gentle, flow, hatha, pre and postnatal, and my live classes incorporate singing bowls.

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