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Meet the Teachers



My introduction to yoga and meditation began during rehearsals for a play while I was completing my bachelor’s degree in theatre in 2002.  We used movement and meditation techniques to build a deep bond among the cast members.  To my surprise, I walked away from each rehearsal feeling light and calm and noticed over the months that my anxiety and associated symptoms had been relieved.  After completing my degree, yoga became a more integral part of my daily life. I was attending bi-weekly classes at my local YMCA when I felt the call to deepen my study of yoga and share the practice with others. I soon moved to Austin and completed my Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Yoga in 2006.

While completing my initial yoga teacher certification at Yoga Yoga, Mark Uridel’s anatomy and physiology classes sparked my interest in learning more about human form and function. This spark led me to become a massage therapist in 2008 which did not satisfy my desire to know more about the western therapeutic approach but instead lit a fire that ushered me down the long path to becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2016. 

I truly went to physical therapy school to become a better yoga therapist. Yoga therapy is by nature a holistic approach to healing because the practice of yoga inherently addresses imbalances in the body, mind, and spirit. This was my experience as a young undergraduate student rehearsing for a play who suddenly noticed her panic attacks were better. And I am reminded of this truth each time I see the surprise behind someone’s eyes when their suffering has been reduced through the practice of yoga. 

I predominately teach classes on anatomy, physiology, and western health conditions because of my experience as a physical therapist as well as a yoga therapist. However, regardless of which therapist hat I am wearing, my professional approach to therapy marries ancient yoga practices and philosophy with the western therapeutic approach to create effective tools for bringing balance and optimal health to my clients and patients. As a therapist and teacher, I strive to empower people to access their inner guide and the healing powers within themselves to not only heal themselves but to spread healing to others. 

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