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Embodying the Autumn Equinox

with Sandi Russom

Saturday, September 23rd, 2-4:30pm

In-Person or Online • $45

The autumn equinox is a special day that comes once a year when the earth squares off with the sun, making equal day and night. This day can be celebrated to embody the main qualities of the autumn equinox: balance and stability. Balance represents the equal parts of day and night. Stability represents the grounded connection to the earth that comes during a time when the earth is producing its last and biggest harvest of the year.

To honor the equinox, this workshop will begin with a blended moon and sun salutation movement sequence that will incorporate a variety of balancing postures. We will then steady the mind with balancing breathwork and explore the true self with a guided meditation. We will leave the workshop feeling deeply connected to ourselves and the earth, knowing our intended path and prepared to enter the new season.

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