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Family Yoga

At Studio Satya, we believe that yoga is meant for every age, every level of experience, every body – it's for everyone! We also believe in the importance of community, and the role it plays in being happy and healthy.  

We have many options for yogis of all ages to practice – sometimes with their caretakers, and sometimes on their own. All of our classes are meant to increase connection within each individual, strengthen bonds within each family, and weave threads together that create a beautiful tapestry of community.

The seeds we plant through the mindful practice of yoga and meditation may not be seen for many years. Through repetition, nurturing and modeling of these practices, there is a possibility to witness the fruits of ease, peace, and happiness with time.

Take a look at our current schedule, or read more about each age group below. We are always looking for additional ways to build community through our offerings, so if you are interested in something listed on our Class Descriptions that is not on the schedule reach out to let us know!

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