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Hope Has Wings

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

There is no way around it – this time of year can be difficult. Moving into the depths of Winter, not getting as much sunlight, post-holiday stress that needs processing, resolutions not going the way we’d like, and countless other trials can be enough to feel some sense of isolation or despair. Multiply all of that with the ongoing state of the world, and this can all seem pretty dark. In fact, it might seem impossible to find a reason to do much of anything.

While all of those feelings are okay and normal, there is room to remember that there’s more. There is room for Hope. It is not always easy to see or to feel, and often it requires a reminder from another to sense it in and for ourselves. Sitting in a circle of other people and recognizing similar struggles can offer a sense of comrade. When we offer each other threads of hope – what is helping us hang on, and helping to light our way – it could help ease some of the darkness for and raise the spirits of another.

In our studio, we have started a collection of hopes, and encourage our students to write down something they are hopeful for. This could be something small or large, in the form of a resolution or not. We know not everyone feels comfortable being in-person yet, but we encourage you to send us a message of hope if you feel inspired that we can add to the collection. We will make regular posts to share these online.

Maybe sharing our hopes for the future and seeing others' can act as a guiding light through dark times, and can offer wings for another’s hopes to take flight.

The next time you're in the studio, feel free to write one of your hopes on our banner, or please send a message our way and we will add it for you.

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